Hammer Toe Treatment Gets People on their Feet Faster

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Did you know that civilian American workers spend over 57% of their workday standing on their feet?

If you’re like most people, you never think about your feet. Unless they are causing problems, then you might only notice them when something starts to ache or throb. Hammertoes is a common foot deformity that causes the middle joint of your toe(s) to bend upward and take on an unnatural shape. The condition not only causes pain for those who suffer from it but can lead to other foot issues as well if left untreated.

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Do you want to know more about hammertoe treatment but don’t know where to start? Start here and learn more about treatment for hammertoes.

Treatment for Hammertoes

If you’re suffering from hammertoe, then you probably know that it can be very painful. This is especially true if you are not able to walk because of the pain, which happens often enough. The good news is that there are several treatments available, and the type of treatment you choose usually depends on age, activity level, and personal preference.

The first option for treatment is stretching exercises, which may or may not help depending on the severity of your hammertoe. The idea is to repair and restore your toes’ shape and functionality.

You can try toe taps, which help to stretch out your joints. Sit comfortably in a chair, extend your big toe towards the floor as you attempt to point the other toes up. Hold for a few seconds, release, and repeat up to twelve times. You may also try the hammertoe finger split, which is the use of your fingers, creating space between your toes to stretch them out. Gently pinch your fingers for squeezing the toes, and repeat up to twelve times.

Oftentimes, surgery is necessary in many cases. There are complex reconstructive surgical procedures available, such as arthroplasty to help reduce foot pain and correct hammertoe. These typically require an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia where the surgeon makes an incision over the base of the affected toe and shortens the

bone relieving the pressure on the joint. The toe(s) are then carefully straightened back into a more natural position. It’s pretty extensive foot surgery and can take several weeks or more to heal.

It’s important to get those hammertoes the right treatment because it may lead to more problems like bunions or gouty arthritis if left untreated.

Choose the Right Treatment for You

Hammertoe can be a relatively common foot condition, but it can cause pain and discomfort if not treated properly or at all. If you’re experiencing this issue, make sure to consider all your options, including a variety of stretching exercises and surgery, so that you can find relief from the symptoms associated with those hammertoes.

With the right care, you can go from intense pain to a pain-free foot. Click here to learn more about the various treatments and conditions we offer for your toes and feet.

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